Three Key Sources for Engaging Content Ideas


  1. I look at my diary — Where have I been? Who have I spoken to? What have they asked me? What have I answered? What else did I say? Where am I heading? What will I be doing? There might be photos or videos I took at the time or can plan to take. If I need to post now, but I didn’t take a photo, I’ll take one then or record a video reflecting on the conversation then!
  2. I look at my environment — The truth is, we often overthink things; the everyday for us is the most engaging for people who aren’t within the same four walls as us. Who else is around you that you can feature, where is it you’re working? What’s special about your environment? What do you love about it?
  3. I look in my inbox — We’re all signed up for emails that deliver articles that help us do our jobs better. This is how we keep ahead of the game, and we engage with this content to ensure we have the expertise that means our prospects choose to work with us! The job your marketing should be doing for you is to evidence your expertise. So use what’s in those emails! Write about what you’re reading and offer an opinion! Don’t listen to the gremlin voice that tells you not to put yourself out there… unless, of course, you’re not very good at what you do! (FYI — if you’re reading this, I doubt you’re not very good at what you do!)





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