Personal Branding — What the Frack…

I didn’t like this approach

What is personal branding and why should we all be conscious of our personal brand?

Dos and Don’ts

  1. Story is everything — Make sure you communicate it well. There should be depth to your story, but that doesn’t mean that we should be constantly shouting ‘Me Me Me’! Keep it positive, inspire where you can but don’t suddenly declare yourself to be something that you’re not. The truth is only a google away!
  2. Consistency is key — What are you trying to communicate through your personal brand? If you can pin this down to a single sentence or idea, it will give you the clarity you need to share your message consistently. But don’t turn this into a slogan that people get sick of hearing! For me, personal branding is more about ideas than trends. Being memorable for the language I used or the clothes I wore is not enough. I want to be remembered for the value I offered — so I consistently look for opportunities to offer some free, honest, actionable advice.
  3. Reflect — Put yourself in the shoes of your target market. Know your audience and figure out what the perception is that you have left them with. Have you communicated what you wanted to? If not why not, and what is the impact of that? If I went out into the world and tried to be someone else, I would come across as insincere, and that would stop me from moving forward in business.




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