LinkedIn Stories For Business

What are Stories?

How Should I Use LinkedIn Stories For Business?

What do I need to know about LinkedIn Stories?

  • Stories are live for 24 hours before they disappear
  • Video content in stories is a max of 20 seconds
  • You can create Stories in other apps and upload them in LinkedIn Stories
  • You can publish Stories as your Company page as well as your personal account
  • You can see who has viewed your story from your LinkedIn connections
  • LinkedIn Stories are only available via the LinkedIn App

What’s next?

  • There is no world where LinkedIn doesn’t add to the sticker options making stories more interactive. (As the access to LinkedIn Live increases, going live via stories is a logical next move.)
  • I doubt it will be long before there’s an option for adding live links into your LinkedIn Stories (even if it’s restricted to accounts with minimum follower numbers).
  • I would be amazed if LinkedIn stories are not monetised within the next 6 months and we start to see this as an ad placement in campaign manager.

LinkedIn Stories For Business — My final thoughts



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