Is your LinkedIn Company Page Built Correctly?

In this blog I am going to cover:

  • How to get started with a new page.
  • What key features to add to your page
  • How do I grab a unique URL for my company page?
  • Should you add showcase pages?
  • What is a careers page? (for you recruiters out there).

How to get started with a new company page on LinkedIn

Key features for the LinkedIn Company Page

  • Overview banner. Many businesses still have the blue LinkedIn default banner. If you are creating a business page then it is essential that you have consistency in your brand. Make sure that the images are in-line with your Facebook cover photo, your Twitter header and your website. At the time of writing this blog, the overview banner is 1536 x 768 pixels. LinkedIn often play with the sizes, so please make sure that you check your page at least once every six months.
  • The avatar (profile picture) should hold your logo only. No team photos, please! The avatar is now square and was changed earlier this year. Horizontal avatars are no more! If you have not changed yours in the last 6–12 months then I urge you to hop over to your page now and make sure that it looks ok.
  • Remember to link your featured groups to your company page.
  • I also rarely see businesses adding their specialities or keywords to the summary/company description.
  • To make edits to an established page go to manage page > overview.

How do I grab my unique URL for my Company Page?

Should you add showcase pages?

  • For each showcase page, you will need to add content at least a few times a week. Creating content for your main page is time-consuming enough, let alone thinking of additional content for your showcase pages.
  • Getting followers for a company page can be challenging. You will need to implement a strategy of producing regular content, sharing this onto your personal profile, adding links to your other social media channels about your showcase page. Making sure that you are not diluting the traffic for your main page is essential so be careful with your distribution strategy.

What is a Careers Page?




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