‘Hey Good Looking… What you got Cooking?’ — How appealing is your LinkedIn profile?

How appealing is your LinkedIn profile?

  1. If you uploaded an image for your profile header previously, how is it looking now? We have seen several people that needed to reposition theirs, these so take a look. Check different screens, desktop and mobile. Do you need a change? If you need to rethink your image (or if you need to add one for the first time) we recommend using photographic images or repeating patterns — Avoid text.
  2. Did you attach media to your profile previously? If you did, and it was placed under your summary, it’s worth noting it is now less prominent. Is the media still relevant or is an update required? Make sure you have added some media under your experience section, as this area is where this information is now most prominent on your profile. I would not double up on the content — so think what makes most sense where, and use the opportunity to showcase your videos, PDFs, and presentations.
  3. How many sessions do you currently have open? Each time you log in to LinkedIn a session begins and doesn’t end until you log out. Protect your LinkedIn account by remembering to log out, and by regularly checking and closing any sessions that have been left open — look out for sessions that are open that you don’t recognise too. If you’re logged in somewhere suspicious, then close the session and change your password. Here’s the link so you can see how many sessions you currently have open. https://www.linkedin.com/psettings/sessions
  4. Have you given permission to third party applications to use your LinkedIn profile? Perhaps you signed up for something that was a LinkedIn tool that you then didn’t ever follow up with? Look at this link and revoke access to any applications you don’t recognise. https://www.linkedin.com/psettings/third-party-applications
  5. Work through your privacy settings.

Your summary

  1. Your hook
    Think of it as an elevator pitch. A short paragraph to get your readers’ attention. The first two lines are shown on your profile then your readers will need to click to read more. Give them a reason to click and a reason to read!
  2. Your sell
    Think of this as your paragraph two. What does your business do, how does it help? What makes your business unique? Include that here.
  3. You
    Remember people buy from people. Show us who you are here. Of all the other people on LinkedIn I could reach out to, what makes you so special? Whether it’s something you say or the tone you use — this is your opportunity to give me a taste of your personality and ethos. Depending on your business, this could be light-hearted, professional, or it could be more corporate. Whatever your approach — make it you.

Your profile picture

Make sure it’s optimised



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