Five Reasons Why Your Content Succeeds Or Fails

Five reasons why your content succeeds or fails

Reason #1 — Have you defined your ideal target market?

Reason #2 — Where is your audience hanging out?

Reason #3 — Are you creating the right “type” of content?

  • If your audience likes to read, then consider writing whitepapers or eBooks
  • The busy executive may prefer to consume content in audio/podcast format — so consider adding an audio version of your blog.
  • Images are necessary for every platform — this must always be part of your marketing strategy.
  • Video — the use of video is a great way to share content.
  • Facts and numbers? If your audience likes detail, then producing facts and figures in a visual format may be worth consideration. There are some great tools for producing branded infographics, such as PikToChart. (Or you could drop Mark a line via Live Chat and we can help you with a design!)
  • Live Streaming — your audience may be the type of people who like to have their say, and live streaming is one of the best ways to get the conversation going. (TIP: Facebook loves to see followers returning to your content, so think about episodic content i.e. regular Live streams like the GU Live Lunch.
  • Presentations and PDFs — if you have presented a slide deck to a group of people, then I strongly urge you to use this content on LinkedIn either as a post or as part of the featured section on your LinkedIn profile. The same goes for any PDFs you might have had created. This way you are making things east to share with your target audience.

Reason #4 — I know “How”, but where do I get ideas of what to post?

  • Amazon — just search for your keyword in books! Results that appear at the top of the search list are usually popular. Click through and look at the table of contents for the book — this should give you some great ideas and inspiration!
  • Buzzsumo — I love this software. Type in your keyword and see what articles are trending online in relation to your search. Again, you’ll have a list of inspiring titles in front of you!
  • — Quora is a question and answer site where members type in their questions on a chosen topic and get crowd-sourced answers. Have a search through the questions that have been asked that fit the sector you serve. Is there something you can develop into a content piece be able to provide an answer?
  • Google News — An obvious one, but an area that people tend to overlook! Go to Google, type your chosen topic, click the news tab, then click “tools” — you can then filter your results to the last week, or the last 24 hours to get the most up to date results.
  • 75 Ideas Of Things To Post On Social Media Download it, Print it off, and work through it with a highlighter picking out all the ideas that will work for you. Then keep it to hand as a prompt to get you started on those days where your creative juices are refusing to flow!

Reason #5 — Design and optimise your content

  • Does your content flow well or do you have extremely long paragraphs?
  • Do you include bullet points and checklists?
  • Are you adding a call to action within your blog?
  • Are you encouraging your audience to explore your site with “related articles” at the bottom of the page?
  • Have you added an image? or Images?
  • Have you used H2 tags throughout the content? (A H2 is essentially a subheading)
  • Have you optimised your content for SEO? We use Yoast WordPress plugin to achieve the best results for Google search.
  • Have you activated social sharing tools, or perhaps included a scatter of “click to tweet” buttons in the content?



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