First-Party Data is a Marketing Must-Have

What is first-party data in marketing?

Why has first-party data become important to marketers?

So what now? How do we get around all of this?

From what I’m reading, here are my suggestions

  1. Use your CRM — what data are you holding that you can use to create targeted campaigns. They may be smaller scale but often, the more targeted you are the better your rate of success! What data do you need to collect so you can run campaigns in the future? Plan this, and implement it now!
  2. Benchmarking and testing now so you know what works today means you’ll have those learnings further down the line and you’ll be able to make educated assumptions if and when you see changes occur.
  3. Pay attention to industry conversation — what are the industry bodies discussing in terms of challenges and trends? These will educate your marketing messaging.
  4. Look for opportunities to work collaboratively and use pooled data to support your marketing efforts.
  5. Well… I’m not going to give away ALL my secrets am I?!



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