Content strategy: How to Amplify Yours in a Few Easy Steps

Where should I start with my content strategy?

Step One — Your blog is added to your website

Step Two — Share your content on social media immediately

Step Three — Schedule your content on social media

Step Four — Make use of Medium

How can I get more people reading my blog?

As part of your content strategy, here are other things you can do too…

  • Invest in social advertising. Run a targeted web traffic campaign to put the article in front of your audience in their Facebook and Instagram feeds. This doesn’t need to be big-budget — just £1 a day can make a difference for you.
  • Rewrite the blog as a guest blog, take one aspect of the article and go deeper on it but link back to the original. For example, I could write an article on best practice for sharing your content on Medium and add a line about how I wrote an article about amplifying your blog and link back to this!



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