Consider the Twitter Algorithm When Planning Your Content


Twitter’s Algorithm is GOOD news for business owners

Element #1 — In Case You Missed It

Element #2 — Ranked Timeline

Why is this good news?

The Nine Main Components of the Twitter Algorithm

#1 — Time

  • Post as often as you can
  • Post in real time
  • Post when your audience is online. (use or
  • Post off the hour (many people check Twitter just after a meeting has finished, or perhaps when a TV show has finished).
  • Hot topics/trending topics are also great for reach.

#2 — Users Interests

#3 — Credibility Signals

  • Have a completed profile with great headers and photos, full bio, etc.
  • Be selective in your language and images (no swearing or nudity)
  • Be aware that there are four signals for others to tell Twitter that your content is not suitable (block, mute, report and “I don’t like this tweet” button).
  • Do not spam
  • Posting broken links is a bad signal for your account.
  • Try not to send your audience to a non-mobile website, as this will also affect your credibility.

#4 — Engagement

  • Time spent reading and watching content
  • Adding a Tweet to a “Moment”
  • Sharing via a direct message
  • If people click to visit your profile from a Tweet that you shared then this is an engagement signal.
  • A follow is also an engagement signal.
  • Ask for Retweet (use the full word, not just RT). Apparently, the stats are you are x 25 more likely to get a RT if you ask for it.
  • Start a debate or use the poll function
  • Post questions — start conversations. Don’t post sales type questions! Your audience is not stupid.
  • @mention or tag someone in a post if it is relevant.
  • Gif Games — tapping and pausing (these are fantastic!!) — see below example.

#5 — Providing Value Content

#6 — Try not to provide “vanilla” content

#7 — Remove your “exhausted content” and replace with fresh content

#8 — Past Engagement

#9 — Mix up your Media

  • 18% more click-throughs
  • 89% more favourites
  • 150% more retweets




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